Monday, September 17, 2007

PartnerCon LA 2007

No, our blog is not dead : ) We're just so busy that sometimes we forget..okay, for four months we forgot that we had a blog. But today is a new day, and we're really going to try and get better at posting our new designs and other fun things.

Pictage's PartnerCon LA was great this year! All the speakers we heard were excellent, and there was so much good info about business, time management and also ways to improve your photography skills. I got to hear:

Chris Humphreys - all about photography techniques that can make your images really stand out.

Lauren Hillary
- she said she wanted to be published and within a year she was. She gave some great tips on how to get your work out there.

Davina Fear
- how to have a family and a business and do both successfully. This woman is full of energy and her presentation was so inspiring! Yay for Davina.

Amber & Nathan Holritz - Time Management. They have it down and it was a good refresher to hear how they do it and how we can improve.

David Jay - always a favorite because I can hear him speak about the same thing 10 times and always get something out of it, and he's a friend. This time he presented on a new topic: winning on the web through your website and really showing your clients who you are. He's in development on a new tool called showit sites that I am very excited about...

Robert Evans - an amazing photographer with an amazing perspective on shooting and the wedding day!

Kevin Swan - if you know him you know he does a lot. His own photography, KISS albums, a family, and I'm sure a lot of other things. He broke down a concept called "GTD" inspired by the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. Its the next book I'm buying..I'll let you know what I think!

Bob Davis - the master of using his Canon 580's at weddings to create great lighting. His demo was excellent - I never knew my flash could so much! Maybe now I will read the manual ; )

If you are a member of Pictage I would highly recommend making it out to their next conference which is going to be in Las Vegas immediately following WPPI. I will have a 1 mo. old baby at that time so I'll probably have to miss out, but you shouldn't! I'm sure it is going to be great.

Here are a few photos from the KISS & showit party on Tuesday night:

The scene after the first hour of free drinks - I was fascinated by this "dancing on the table" man who was getting more tips than the girl in the short skirt next to him. He knows how to have a good time.

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